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RN Nurse Strong Retractable ID Badge Reel

RN Nurse Strong Retractable ID Badge Reel

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Experience the perfect fusion of functionality and style with our meticulously crafted Badge Reels. Designed to provide a secure and reliable solution, these reels ensure your ID card remains firmly fastened while adding a delightful touch of wit and personality to your professional attire.

Choose from an array of attractive designs, ranging from vibrant patterns to soothing colors, to find the badge reel that resonates with your individual taste. Whether you seek a design that represents your specific healthcare specialty or simply want to add a touch of personal flair, our badge reels offer a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Swivel Alligator Clip:
- Length: ~34"
- 360 degree swivel rotation
- Spring-Clip attaches easily on collar, lapel, pockets, waistband, etc.
- Of only the highest quality
- Please refer to picture.

Non-Swivel Belt Clip:
- Length: ~34"
- Clip that slides easily onto belts, collars, pockets, etc.
- Our Standard clips of highest quality
- Please refer to picture.

Break-Away Lanyard:
- Length: ~27"
- Lanyard Length: ~36" diameter
- Break-away feature will snap apart if pulled hard
- Lanyard is light with a sponge feel
- Hangs in front of torso, perfect viewing position and swiping
- Please refer to picture.

Velcro Badge Topper:
- Topper only compatible with Interchange Reel (Link below!)
- Topper does not include Interchangeable Reel.
- Topper has Velcro on back ensuring secure fit every time.
- Stays flush against the Reel leaving no gaps!
- Too many designs to choose from, Velcro Toppers allow you to swap.

Heavy Duty Badge Reel:
- Length: 24"
- Steel Retractable Cord
- Reinforced Vinyl Strap
- Professional Black Chrome Finish

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