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Interchangeable Badge Reel / Hook & Loop

Interchangeable Badge Reel / Hook & Loop

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Versatility is our name and Badge Reels is our game!

We understand when it comes to Badge Reels, not only is the functionality of it is important but also the design!

The idea behind Interchangeable Badge Reels allows you to swap Toppers when ever you feel like it :)

Whether for the holidays or for humor, simply pull off the Topper and attach a different design on it using the hook-and-loop Velcro.

Many of our customers adore this idea - in the event the Badge Reel becomes damaged or non-functional, you will still have those design toppers. All you need to do is replace your Badge Reel and continue using your Topper for years to come!

Our Interchangeable Badge Holder comes with the 'rough' side and our Toppers uses the 'soft' felt side. If you'd like the other side, please message us so we can include it with your purchase :)

Ready for you to DIY and style your own badge as you like 🙂

Badge reel diameter is 1.25”.

Sturdy & Quality Approved!!

Swivel Alligator Clip:
- Length: ~34"
- 360 degree swivel rotation
- Spring-Clip attaches easily on collar, lapel, pockets, waistband, etc.
- Of only the highest quality
- Please refer to picture.

Non-Swivel Belt Clip:
- Length: ~34"
- Clip that slides easily onto belts, collars, pockets, etc.
- Our Standard clips of highest quality
- Please refer to picture.

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